• Anthony Piseno

Why You Need to Watch Django Unchained Again

Quentin Tarantino's 7th film has just become available on Netflix, and since I hadn't seen the film I took the time to watch. Taking place just 2 years before the civil war, the film is another period piece from Tarantino following a slave that goes by the name "Django" played by Jaime Foxx. Early in the movie is freed by Dr. King Schultz played by the amazing Christoph Waltz, a bounty hunter who purchases Django and proves himself to be a certified savage in the first ten minutes of the film. Django becomes a bounty hunter just like Schultz and the two team up to buy Django's wife Broomhilda's freedom.

Jaime Foxx's performance is nothing short of solid and when Leonardo Dicaprio emerges late in the film he steps it up as the slave-owner Calvin Candie, however, it is Christoph Waltz that simply steals the show. Every second that he is on screen is simply phenomenal. The action is also great, lots of western gun-slinging, shoot outs that are both entertaining and surprisingly bloody. And of course, Tarantino doesn't skimp out on the dialogue which "Django" is full of; and it is everything, especially for Waltz who has a voice everyone needs to hear.

Altogether if you haven't gotten the hint, I loved Django Unchained. Every performance is great, the dialogue works and both Leo Dicaprio and Samuel Jackson are villains that you love to hate. Be sure to check out this film while it's available on Netflix, 9/10.

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