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WHO Says Vaccine Not Ready for AT LEAST 1 YEAR

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

On Sunday Mike Ryan, an executive director at the World Health Organization, dampened hopes for the much-anticipated SARS-CoV2 vaccine, in a visit to BBC's Andrew Marr show.

Talks regarding Coronavirus at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, Jan. 29, 2020. DENIS BALIBOUSE/REUTERS

“We have to make sure that it’s absolutely safe… we are talking at least a year”

This statement comes in light of the incredible news coverage that human trials have begun with multiple vaccines.

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“I think we have to be realistic. Vaccines take a lot of time to develop, test, make them safe, prove they are effective - then you need to produce enough vaccines for everybody"

A year is too long for the world to wait, he acknowledges. So how is the virus to be defeated?

  1. Testing of every suspected case

  2. Mass isolation of those cases and their families

  3. More testing

If testing is not available, once the first two weeks of isolation are complete then the virus will return. Imperial College reported that the coming aftershock is not going to be an easy feat to beat. Each time the virus starts to multiply again, people would have to return to isolation for up to two months. Since this was reported the cases had already gotten worse, so the rebound would respectively be much more intense.

The WHO and data agree - in order to end the pandemic, isolation must be in place for the long term. If people are released too soon, and if suspected cases are not tested in proper time, it will spread. The cycle will not end. Either people must get used to the isolation, or the world has to focus on developing more test kits. The vaccine is not going to be a safe stake for a while.

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