• Anthony Piseno

What Zombie Movies Say About Humanity

When watching Girl with All the Gifts I started to think about the entire idea of zombies and remembered a thought I had a few years back on the zombie-epidemic. There is no shortage of philosophical breakdowns of zombie movies whether its George A Romero's Night of the Living Dead and its relation to the Vietnam war or the general thought that zombies represent racism or the lower class. However, you rarely perceive zombies as something more than that, something we can all relate to that isn't disguised in protest and social justice narratives but the common human experience.

One of my favorite zombie flicks is World War Z and this was the first movie that honestly made me think about this. The idea that these zombies chase people and dive at them just to get a mouth full of flesh, in "Z" a zombie can be seen divining its face into a windshield, one must conclude zombies are consumers. While that might be obvious you have to consider that the economic world uses the same term to describe you and me. We run to stores to purchase the newest item that we believe will complete us, just think of the lines for the newest video game, iPhone, or black Friday deals.

We are zombies because we dive into madness and cause chaos for products that will do nothing but fulfill some ill desire to be entertained and fulfilled. Don't believe me? Watch a scene from World War Z and then check out some black Friday videos on YouTube. Think about the rush to buy toilet paper and the violence that occurs, we are the zombies and that is why we hate being quarantined. Now that you know this, take the time to cherish what really matters and slow down just a little bit. This is a time for us to learn.

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