• Sebastian Wenthe

UK: Boris Bounces Back, Doubles Down on Lockdown

Photo: Melville/Reuters

Last Monday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the public for the first time since recovering from COVID-19.

In his nine minute statement, Johnson outlined his vision for the country, calling the virus the "single biggest challenge this country has faced since the war." He stressed the importance of preventing the UK's NHS (National Health Service) from being overwhelmed and stated that there had been fewer hospital admissions and fewer patients in the ICU.

“If this virus were a physical assailant, an unexpected and invisible mugger--which I can tell you from personal experience, it is. Then this is the moment that we have begun, together, to wrestle it to the floor.”

Johnson acknowledged the need for economic productivity, stating "without our private sector, without the drive and commitment of the wealth creators of this country, there will be no economy to speak of. There will be no cash to pay for our public services. No way of funding our NHS. And yes, I concede the long-term consequences of lockdown."

Despite the apparent progress, Johnson encouraged further lockdown and emphasized the dangers of a second spike.

"I want to get this economy moving as fast as I can, but I refuse to throw away all the effort and the sacrifice of the British people and to risk a second major outbreak and huge loss of life and the overwhelming of the NHS. And I ask you to contain your impatience."

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