• Anthony Piseno

Transcending the plot: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Most have seen the classic Clint Eastwood spaghetti western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, it is an epic western that was a VHS which included two tapes because films back then had an intermission if they were over an hour and a half. I have watched this film time and time again because it was one of my father's favorite films. However, when I decided to check out this classic on Amazon Prime, I found that there was something else there, a subtext about reality and the fantasy of the plot.

The film is essentially about three bandits that after $200,000 in gold, a lot of money for the eighteen hundreds, they would be set for life should they get ahold of the cash box. A lot of double-crossing, gunfights and revenge tell the tale of these men but what is most fascinating is the backdrop of the film. The entire plot takes place during the Civil War, while films have done this before and it is certainly nothing unique it's the way spaghetti western leaves it as a backdrop. As the death-defying gunslingers fight their way to gold the scenery is littered with the bodies of dead or dying soldiers often times the main characters would go out of there way to get involved or to help someone if not give them comfort in their final moments.

The good, the bad and the ugly is a film with a plot that is based in fantasy with unrealistic actions of our three main characters with a background that is full of realistic dread and death of war. A reflection of living life in a sort of fantasy while the world seems to rumble with hysteria - sound familiar? Life on a regular basis can feel like a fantasy we often go through the motions of it feeling untouchable until tragedy strikes and we suddenly become aware of the strife occurring around you. The entire time we feel separated from the world as we go through life being the hero of our own personal universe but the background is always full of many things that can interrupt our lives.

Stream the film today on Amazon Prime and let us know what you think.

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