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The Problem with Coronavirus-era Journalism

Jim Acosta at a white house press conference, Credit: Doug Mills/New York Times

It has been no secret over the past 4 years that fake news and misleading journalism has become the underlying cause for the disrespectful and sometimes violent political divide among Americans.

News outlets Like CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post have seemingly sold out. These outlets, which were once the pinnacle of trusted Journalism have taken drastic steps to become the front line fighters of the democrat agenda.

Among this seemingly new era of ignorant and vicious Journalists is CNN Chief white house correspondent, Jim Acosta. Acosta has been involved with almost every skirmish between the President and the press-room journalists.

Here are just some of their interactions over the course of 4yrs:

Source: The Guardian

In what have been described as "testy exchanges" Acosta has manipulated the President's responses and peddled slanderous Articles and statements on the white house. These actions led to a climax in November 2018 when Acosta was banned from the white house press room.

Acosta's press pass was eventually reinstated after multiple online skirmishes between the white house and the News outlet.

Journalists have become talking pieces for political interests, all in an effort to hide the truth under the guise of emotionally charged terms. Emotion sells - and mainstream media has sold out for the best-selling stories. No longer are there any unbiased major networks because unbiased news doesn't sell.

In the wake of the Coronavirus, reporters like Acosta have utilized the pandemic to further political divide. In the past weeks, President Trump has put himself in front of reporters on a daily basis, providing information on the coronavirus, but also providing more opportunity to be slammed with emotional hit-pieces.

The constant barrage of divisive questions has cast a spotlight on a number of questions,

Can Americans continue to allow journalists to be trumped-up political pundits?

Are mainstream news outlets trustworthy?

Should we continue to help fund outlets that clearly don't report impartially anymore or is it time to fund new organizations?

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