• Anthony Piseno

The High Note (2020) Trailer Review

The High Note is a new film getting ready to premiere May 29th on VOD, whether or not the film will see a theatrical release is unknown but it is debuting in your living room. The film stars Dakota Johnson as Maggie as an intern interested in becoming a music producer, Tracie Ellis Ross as former pop star Grace Davis who Maggie interns for, and Ice Cube as Jack Robertson Grace's current producer. Grace is a cross between Tina Turner and Diana Ross - she is past her best years in the music business but she is tough on her crew.

Maggie seems to have been working her way up in the industry and this intern job is where she is currently at trying to get noticed by Grace but often finding herself ignored. The crux of the story comes when Grace decides she wants to put out a new album and at her age, the sales just won't be there, thus, it scares all of the elites around her. Maggie, however, believes she can produce that next album and pull it off for Grace. The rest of the trailer is Ice-Cube resisting Graces' urge to get her glory days back, Maggie and Grace are fighting back trying to ascend from the ashes reborn.

The film looks fun enough but nothing I would try to see the day of, I would more than likely cross this on Netflix one day and give it a watch just for fun. In other words, the trailer didn't blow me away and it certainly didn't seem like a "sleeper hit" - just another dramatic comedy that will come and go.

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