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The Great (New Trailer) - Another Period Satirical Fail?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Opinion -- Los Angeles, CA

The Great series trailer was released hours ago. This year there has been a trend of period satire entertainment, and none of them have been successful.

Dickinson? Has ANYBODY watched Apple TV's Dickinson?

It begs the question why they are still being produced. In 2019 Taika Waititi delivered a heartfelt yet hilarious take on Nazi Germany from the eyes of a German child in JoJo Rabbit. It received rave reviews from critics and viewers alike.

JoJo Rabbit, Rottentomatoes.com

From the writer of the successful film The Favourite - a dark period comedy from 2018 - and the viewer's favor on the recent JoJo Rabbit in 2019, it is clear why studios would be hopeful on The Great's success. With an all-star cast, the film has the power to succeed, but as always with this genre, it requires a great script to be successful.

The writer, Tony McNamara, has amassed writing credits for This is Us, Ashby, Doctor Doctor, and the new blockbuster film Cruella. With his experience, we can only hope he carries the series.

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