• Anthony Piseno

The Girl with All the Gifts

Zombie films are a dime a dozen in the horror genre it seems like audiences can't get enough and filmmakers can't come up with a better plot-line, at this point zombie films are so prevalent a story has to be very unique to be special. The Girl with All the Gifts is one of those films, starring Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close, and Sennia Nenua, "Gifts" gives a different take on the zombie apocalypse unlike any I had seen before. It isn't so much about the means by which the zombies are born but the approach the film has to zombies and their place in the world. While the plot is centralized on the little girl Melanie (Sennia) and her strange circumstance it starts fast and ends fast, while telling its philosophy throughout.

"Gifts" doesn't waste its time with a dangerous situation and survival but lays you in the center of an odd situation when a little girl straps herself to a wheelchair and greets armed guards with a smile and a kind personality to boot. What starts as a sci-fi film with a plot circling genetically modified human beings, you quickly find that is not the case. While I would like to reveal the first twenty minutes to give a balanced review, the plot is too good to reveal.

I will say, the movie leads you on through the first half - it makes you feel like you are never fulfilled but somehow you can't look away. The characters are so unique that they instill enough curiosity on their own to carry the plot forward, in this unique situation.

"Gifts" is a film that manages to have amoral characters and does away with the typical antagonist and protagonist. It's really a battle of ideas left for you to decide. It is clear that the filmmakers wanted the film to be realistic - to transcend the classic "good vs evil" plot. They do succeed.

It is currently available on Netflix and worth a watch, 8/10.

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