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Stocks Plummet = Time to Invest

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This month, the Coronavirus has taken down the entire nation - something that has not been seen since the great depression. Mass isolation of hundreds of millions of people has turned cities dark and companies bankrupt. In light of this unfortunate time for the world, the time to invest in stocks could not be better. Here are a few steps to find a valuable, somewhat steady stocks in this unsure time.

Look for industries hit hard by the virus. Casinos, entertainment, resorts - places that were forced to shut down. When they went dark, investors panicked and sold their stock making it extremely cheap.

Look for companies with large enough capital that they will not permanently shut down. This is the biggest fear from investors - if the industry is so hard-hit by COVID-19 that companies close their doors, they will lose everything. Stock will be worthless. Go big - now is not the time to invest in small startups.

Look for companies with a history of gains. Over the last 5 years, ordinarily steady stock has been on the decline. New companies have taken their place with newer innovations. Do not invest in stocks for companies that have ceased to innovate. Their stocks are at a lower chance of recovery.

Today's investment advice:

For an (almost) guaranteed return by the end of 2020, invest in Disney. It's a proven company with a influential hand in the online streaming world, the box office, and numerous resorts. Because of the closure of their parks, their stock went down. Once the world recovers, Disneyland is the first place they'll want to be.

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