• Sebastian Wenthe

Stock Market Soars as America Begins Reopening

In the afterglow of this Monday's Memorial Day, the stock market jumped as investors showed their optimism about the future. The DOW closed up 2.2%, and the S&P 500 closed up 1.2% as more positive news about corona virus and the economy came to light.

Over the weekend, President Trump signaled his enthusiasm and his hopes for the economy to begin recovering.

At this point, all 50 states have loosened corona virus-related restrictions, and some counties have opened their economies even more. In addition, prominent pharmaceutical companies Merck and Novovax have announced trials for a potential vaccine. Some claiming that a vaccine could be available as soon as October. Although the market remains uncertain for the short term, the hope that life might go back to semi-normal soon has driven the market heavily today.

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