• Nechemyah Levi

Solutions Over Emotions

On Monday, May 25th, 2020 America woke up to a horrifying scene, a Police officer crushing the neck of an unarmed black man named George Floyd resulting in his death.

For a total of three hours, Americans were united against police brutality, united against racism and bad cops in police forces across the nation, united in screaming "Justice for George Floyd" on our social media accounts and our streets. Then, the peaceful protests turned into a war on America. People of all colors covered in black began tearing down African-American communities across America and they led young clueless teens to do the same.

Who are these men? Why are we seeing the National Guard step in for riot control, all over the US? One word, ANTIFA.

We are going through the most irrational, evil, violent and racist few weeks in American history. No this racism doesn't come from Trump, it comes from the organization known as ANTIFA. Because of this group we have seen landmarks vandalized, communities laid waste and cities collapse in ashes. Yes all that, in America. Because of this the White House acted and officially named ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group, this is important not only because law enforcement can use deadly force at an even greater level when attempting to control them, but we now have a better understanding of the difference between the #BLM movement and the terrorist branch of the DNC, Antifa.

Why would the average African American male want to destroy the same supermarket that gives him bread, his sister a job and his community an economy? Why would he want to destroy the same vehicles that protect him and his community during a gang shootout?

Why are there dangerously skilled white men lighting the country on fire hurling bricks from pre-dropped pallets at anything in blue? It's because they need to control the narrative. They don't want the black man to peacefully protest the killing of his people at the hands of deficiently-trained cops. ANTIFA is doing what every Democrat politician strives so hard to do on an administrative level, destroy black communities under the guise of the most recent racially driven tragedy. The narrative is being controlled by the racist, criminal and terroristic divisiveness of the alt-left.

On Tuesday, Instagram picked up on an initiative by the music industry called #blackouttuesday. Blackout Tuesday was meant to be a peaceful show of support for African American victims of police brutality. This noble cause worked well for a few minutes until we realized we had hypocritically shut ourselves up for the day in "solidarity". leaving the doors wide open for more violence and even less real proposals for solutions.

So instead of liking black squares on teenage girls' Instagram feeds, how about we talk about the solutions we can propose to change the narrative and try to forever end the horrific event we witnessed on memorial day.

Here are some solutions that I believe could help accomplish this and at least start the process of national healing,

1. Re-configure the way we train our officers.

Statistically, African American males commit 50% of all crime in America, they only make up 6% of the American population. In response, law-enforcement has implemented protocols on how to deal with hostile African American criminals - often treating any African American as an armed criminal. These protocols are racist. We need to train our cops to treat all suspects, regardless of race, the same way. We need to reform the training that officers receive, and enhance intercultural communications and relations between the residents and law enforcement.

2. Pass legislation to hold officers accountable for the killings that happen.

Resolution for the Equal Protection of Civil Liberties among American Police Jurisdictions Whereas police involved killings, including shootings, choking and other uses of force, are the sixth-leading cause of death among men of all races ages 25-29, according to a 2019 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, with minorities and the mentally ill at disproportionate risk; and these law-enforcement related killings contribute significantly to a painful and unnecessary climate of racial division and social unrest in our society today. The United States of America is unlikely to achieve the racial reconciliation that we hope for or the universal respect for our law enforcement community that we need until this difficult problem is ameliorated.

Existing differences in police procedures (for example, body camera requirements and audio recording) and discipline (swift recognition and correction of potential civil rights violations) between different jurisdictions create uneven rates of law-enforcement related deaths, proving that there has not been equal protection of Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties for all law-enforcement involved citizens in every state and every jurisdiction under the law; existing differences in the classification and reporting of such instances prove that the Civil Rights of law-enforcement involved citizens are unevenly valued in different states and different jurisdictions.

The rights that are enumerated in Amendments 1 through 10 of the United States Constitution (the Bill of Rights) are to be equally applied to all citizens, no matter what the laws of the individual state may enumerate. The Executive Branch has stepped in to make animal cruelty a federal offense, despite existing state criminal codes, thereby making animal cruelty a more serious offense than killing an unarmed civilian during the course of an arrest.

The Federal Government stepped in after the ruling of Miranda v Arizona in 1966 to mandate a new police procedure (Reading Miranda rights) while still upholding the Tenth Amendment and avoiding undue federalization of the police force. The Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal Government has the Constitutional mandate to ensure that the civil rights of all Americans in every jurisdiction are equally protected insofar as it is at all possible. Constitutional Policing is the ideal towards which every jurisdiction must strive; now therefore, be it Resolved by the members of the 116th Congress of the United States of America, regardless of political affiliation, race, or creed, that all Americans should have access to equal protection of their Civil Liberties through minimum Federal safety standards for police procedure.

We resolve to study this issue and humbly ask the President of the United States to create of a new regulatory body in the Executive Branch under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice to review police procedures and to consider a set of minimum Federal standards by which the rights of all in every state and jurisdiction might be equally protected under the law to the best of our ability with the intent to apply our Constitutionally protected rights to all law-enforcement involved citizens of the United States of America.

3. Hold anyone who supports Antifa accountable for the looting and burning of our cities.

The Media, Hollywood, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and practically the entire left has not denounced this terrorist organization but rather they have supported it. They have donated to its causes, and they have encouraged others to donate to it and to pursue involvement in bailing out these terrorists from our prisons - allowing them to further terrorize our streets. These individuals' actions are a cancer to the United States and these terrorist activists need to be held accountable to the furthest extent of the law. Now.

4. Encourage our young minority citizens to join their local police forces.

We need our young men and women with a heart for their communities to join their local police force, get behind the badge and police their communities. We need more good cops. Instead of rioting, fix the issue from the source. Be the Cop who, instead of watching injustice happen, acts. We as a country, we as minorities, we as a world need you.

From a fellow African American, I urge you to be the change.

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