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Slavery Never Ended

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We are leaving the plantation.

Over a century has passed since Harriet Tubman silently stormed southern plantations; Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address; American social reformer, abolitionist and orator Fredrick Douglas led the fight for civil rights; and the Emancipation proclamation gave hope declaring "that all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free." Now we in the 21st century are once again facing one of the cruelest forms of slavery.

No this is not from ships carrying Africans from their homes across the Atlantic, no it's not from whips wielded by men in grey or in-humane lynchings at the hands of owners. This slavery comes from the marble halls of government, the caves of ideological racism coded in the impregnable fortress of reverse psychology built by none other than the social authoritarian policy of the Democrat party.

In place of ships are political talking points. No longer whips but welfare. No longer lynching but abortion. No longer the slavery carried out through labor but the slavery of the mind and the systematic restructuring of American history.

Since the party's founding in 1829 the Democrat party has fought against every single civil rights initiative and has a long history of discrimination. Andrew Jackson, the so-called “champion of the common man” was, in reality, an avid racist, a slave owner, and an advocate for stealing Native American land and selling it for almost nothing to white settlers. Jackson was also one of the fathers and establishers of the Democratic Party.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, a role model for Hillary Clinton, and an advocate for eugenics. Planned Parenthood specifically targets minority groups today, building their clinics in the middle of inner cities. In New York City, more black babies are aborted than born alive, which goes to show that African-Americans and other minority groups are the target of eugenics, contrary to the rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party.

The Democrats created as many ways as they could to justify slavery. Senator John C. Calhoun declared that slavery wasn’t just beneficial for the masters, but that it was also good for the slaves.

Now once again we come back to the 21st century where we find cities like Baltimore, Washington DC, Detroit, and Chicago who all have several consistent things in common, high crime and gang-related death rates, record minority unemployment, mass poverty, and historically democrat leadership.

Why? You'd think that with the horrible track record that democrat lawmakers have that African Americans would see the problem with consistently voting for the same party that literally moves mountains to keep them down. But no, this is the mental slavery that African Americans now face, they are told that the government is a better father for their kids through the institution of welfare that has driven down minority fatherhood to just 20%.

Because of this African Americans commit almost 56% of crime in the united states, and no, as Ben Shapiro put it "this is not just them walking down the street and getting pulled into a jail cell."

The African American community has a real problem on their hands and it will continue to grow if they let themselves be told that they are victims, that they don't have the same knowledge levels as suburban white neighborhoods and that this somehow makes them less likely to get a job or pursue higher education.

The good news is thanks to organizations like blexit African Americans are waking up to the reality of the oppressive agenda behind the glamour of the democrat party, The Blexit movement aims to uplift and empower minorities to realize the American Dream. The BLEXIT Foundation’s vision is to change the narrative that surrounds America’s minority communities - with a particular focus on African-Americans. Advocating for school choice and alternative educational opportunities for America’s low-income and minority children, promoting criminal justice reform for those impacted by the penal system that was implemented by the Clintons and further developed VP Joe Biden, developing educational programs to help communities avoid incarceration, championing entrepreneurship and free enterprise as keys to escaping government dependence and poverty, and developing history programs that will inspire minority children to succeed and lead productive and responsible lives.

There is still a long way to go but the efforts of Candace Owens, Kanye West, and many others are changing culture and the tide of conversation.

The buck has the chance to stop every election with our ballots, no longer should democrats continue to utilize our support to destroy America, disincentivise minority fatherhood, and rot our communities with guns, violence, and drugs.

This is your child's America, what version of it are you going to leave for them?

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