• Anthony Piseno

Review: Braid (2018)

Braid is a 2018 film currently available on Amazon Prime, it is another film in the disturbing horror subgenre that has become popular in the last few years. Movies such as The VVitch, Hereditary, and Suspiria (2018) are a few of these psychological terrors that have been heading the current trend. Braid starring Madeline Brewer as Daphne, Sarah Hay as Tilda, and Imogen Waterhouse as Petula; the plot follows Tilda and Petula drug addicts and criminals on their plan to steal an inherited fortune from their childhood friend Daphne. The only catch, Daphne is living out a game the ladies played as children that follow three strict rules, if they can successfully play the game they can score the money.

Braid is an intelligent horror film that also works as a disturbing drama with less of the typical horror tropes. Instead, like the majority of these "high-brow" horror films, which are released under the radar of the mainstream, Braid banks on good performances and psychological elements. There isn't a single actress I can say doesn't give a solid performance and the story is an interesting maze that flows like a hallucinating trip. With that, I can say that Braid is an interesting yet disturbing film, that is worth checking out, it never gets ultra-violent and manages to stick to a central theme.

In addition, to my review of the film's elements, I really liked that the title of this film is not stuck on making a direct connection to the movie and has a double meaning related to the plot of the film. These psychological horrors are some of my favorite and while Braid is not as intense as the other horrors which have been released it still manages to be a solid horror that will keep your intention the entire time. It is an easy 8/10.

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