• Anthony Piseno

Onward (2020)

Because of the quarantine, a few films never got their theatrical release - Onward was one of those films. Taking place in a world that has forgotten about its magical past, Onward is incredibly unique in how it incorporates unicorns, goblins, manticores, dragons, and elves all living in a modern industrial world. Onward follows Ian Lightfoot (voiced by Tom Holland) on his journey to finding himself that he feels can only happen by knowing more about his dad, who passed away just after Ian was born. After Ian's mother gifts him a magical staff they find out that his father gave them a phoenix stone and spell to bring him back to life for one day. Ian's older brother Barley (voiced by Chris Pratt) is infatuated with the magical past helps him to find another phoenix stone to bring their father back.

What we get is a funny, fun, and moral adventure that has a lot to say about a young man who has to grow up without their father and the importance of siblings. Directed and written by Dan Scanlon, Onward manages to follow Pixar's impeccable record of great films that are always universal in their messages. While the film had some controversy over a scene that had a female officer refer to a "girlfriend," the scene is so short, there's not enough content to infer anything from.

Either way, Onward is a solid film and worth the watch. The only issue was a lack of action; I just think if you are going to get magical, then get magical! I give Pixar's latest endeavor an 8/10.

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