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Obama Endorses Joe Biden

Barack Obama with Joe Biden (Credit: AP)

After a year of speculation of who Obama would endorse it has been reported that the former president will be endorsing his vice president Joe Biden.

In a video shared by the Biden campaign, Obama began his endorsement by sending his condolences and well wishes to the families of those killed by the virus, he went on to breakdown the necessity of unwavering leadership not only in congress but in the white house.

This endorsement is not shocking though many question why, Obama said that Biden "has the most progressive platform of any major party candidate." Biden and Obama have been political mates since the 2008 election season, but with real sexual assault accusations mounting, vast layers of verbal gaffes and public mental fatigue, it seems almost irresponsible to endorse someone like Joe Biden.

Today Obama solidified the unity between his political policy and Biden's campaign promises. Expect even more desperate attempts to create a concrete base out of undecided Bernie voters and wavering Republicans in the coming weeks leading up to November 3rd, 2020.

Watch Obama's endorsement below:

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