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New Ventilator Approved by FDA, NY Purchases 3,000

In late March, a team of scientists from different companies banded together to create a cheap ventilator that could be used with parts already in hospitals. Within weeks they created a ventilator machine that simply provides compression on manual resuscitation bags. While it is not as intricate or tune-able as a normal resuscitation device, it provides a cheap solution to the ventilator shortage and frees up the more powerful ventilators to be used by critical patients who need them.

Inspired by the MIT E-Vent, funding was secured by Newlab - a Brooklyn-based small research lab. 10XBeta designers partnered with engineers at Boyce Technologies to create the machine and then they streamlined it for mass-production in New York. Boyce Tech provided the facilities to produce the product. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors funded the production and Otherlab is coordinating the production of the Spiro Wave in facilities across the country.

On April 17 the device was cleared by the FDA for emergency use, and New York has already purchased 3,000 of them.

While the design is simple, and it is only automating a manual resuscitator, it provides much-needed support for hospital staff. Read more about the Spiro Wave at https://ventilatorresponse.com/.

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