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Nano-sensors Injected Into Brain in New Study

Image: Smithsonian Magazine, Heat Sensor, UCSD

A team at Cornell university has created a new nano-sensor that is only 100 microns in size - so small that 30,000 sensors could fit on the surface of a penny. They each have an integrated circuit along with a solar cell and led. The sensors can be used to monitor nano-tech systems but they can also be used in human tissue - and that's what the team tested.

Current sensors can test temperature or voltage, so when paired with a simple neural sensor the system can monitor activity of a single nerve in the body. The team implanted a sensor into a person's brain and successfully relayed the brain activity to a wireless display.

Researchers have already applied for the patent and their first goal is to retrofit the sensor to electronically track a broad range of products once they are sold from manufacturers.

The project was headed by Paul McEuen, professor of physical science, in collaboration with Alyosha Molnar, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. The lead author of the paper is Alejandro Cortese, a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell.

Find the research paper here.

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