• Anthony Piseno

Midsommar - Actually a story About Socialism?


The folk-horror film by Ari Aster is a slow burn that escalates into a terrifying drama leaving many feeling heavy at the pit of their stomach. While this film is transparently a drama about a bad relationship and young college students finding themselves in a Swedish town with a cultic belief system. Midsommar is a twisted horror that that plays out as a rotten fairy tale but has a subtext that is deeply political in nature. Similarly, to one of the only other folk-horror films The Wicker Man, what the British horror said about religion, Midsommar says about the political landscape.

The most interesting factor about the folk-horror is the nature of the cult, everyone is on the same plane field all giving to a commune that operates on the acceptance of one another's ability to contribute. The people of Hårga control everything and are led by women, males are brought in from the outside to procreate with their women so that there are no incestuous relationships. All but those that they allow having children amongst one another so that they are born "unclouded", meaning they have such mental disorders from the inbreeding they do not think like the otherwise "normal" person.

It is the nature of this community that seems to be a reflection of the current feminist movement and the socialist agenda of certain politicians. It is those from the outside that are subjected to the horrors of the community, realizing that the nature of this cult dismissing the unusable seniors and determining when anyone is of any use at all. Socialist in nature it would seem that under such a political sphere you find that those who cannot contribute should be dismissed. And that the weakness of such a community is violent not because it is trying to be but because of the nature of the system.

While this subtext is interesting and thought-provoking, it is an interpretation that may not be intended but a subtext Ari Aster allowed to occur by no more than the nature of the story.

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