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Looking to Stream a War Film?

Let's look at two top streaming war-time films on Amazon Prime.

Journey’s End (2017) is a British war film. If you’re looking for action, this is likely not a film you will enjoy. I would call this a "war drama," but it really doesn't know what itself is. The movie left me drained and frustrated with its many subplots. It wanted to mean something so badly that it was no longer entertaining to watch.

I can handle pessimistic movies with no resolve, but this story line was predictably dark. PTSD is certainly not a light issue, and this film drills that home. Two hours of constant pain and suffering from most of the characters - it just screamed hopelessness. So, yes, I agree. War is Hell. I got it.

The cinematography was good. Dialogue was ok. Cast performance was good. Artistic license and message bordered desperate… and that’s what was most disappointing. It is by no means Dunkirk (2017), but it really wanted to be.

My rating:  58/100.  Happy it was over.

The second film is The Pianist (2002). While this film is older, it is a much better watch. Still depressing, it follows a Jewish man in the ghetto who plays piano on the radio. When the Nazi's take over the city, he is forced into isolation in an intense battle for survival.

It reveals the pain of war without the gore. From the perspective of a musician, viewers can relate with The Pianist as he uses music to temporarily relieve the pain he is going through.

The film is easily one of the best films of the century. I'd watch it twice before watching Journey's End.

My rating: 89/100.

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