• Nechemyah Levi

Is it too early to "Re-open America"?

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

The long-awaited task has finally rounded the corner, but is it too early?

This question has come to the forefront of American coronavirus conversation, with millions of Americans in quarantine or lockdown, non-essential workers being fired, laid-off or furloughed, over 22 million jobless claims so far the Trump administration has begun the process of re-opening the American economy. Trump named over 200 CEO's to a task force solely purposed for an effective and historic economic re-build.

Many experts argue that we have not yet seen the other side of the "curve" and if the country is opened now we will see a massive increase in cases and deaths, leading to even stricter guidelines and lockdown measures.

Some states imposed prison-like lockdown procedures, like Michigan, and as the measures were too strict the people rose to protest. In a free America, the mere mention of prolonged lockdowns are seen as attempts at authoritarian leadership, many Americans fear that if left to "do their jobs" un-hindered or unchecked, Governors could create permanent restrictions and guidelines under the guise of pandemic containment measures.

Small businesses have already felt the economic stress of keeping their business afloat. The SBA just recently ran out of coronavirus relief money that was crucial to the ability of small businesses to stay open.

Since the small business loans are dry and the people are rising in protest from prolonged containment measures, it is glaringly obvious that there is no other recourse than to re-open the United States of America. Americans have seen the effects of hygienic irresponsibility, they know what will happen if they do not try and follow the phase two guidelines that will help create a steady balance between Normal American life, and health responsible behavior.

People are ready for the country to open, but everyone will have to be careful not to start another spark that sends the world back into isolation. It only takes one irresponsible person.

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