• Nechemyah Levi

Is it Logical to "Vote Blue No Matter Who"?

Joe Biden Debating Bernie Sanders

The 2020 democrat election process has boiled down to two candidates: Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Over the past month, Americans have been faced with the harsh reality that Joe Biden is going to be the Democrat nominee for President Of the United States. This reality has been met quite ironically with confusion and uproar, Democrats have suddenly realized that the party they promote as inclusive has put an "old white man" at its helm and they are certainly not happy about it.

Young democrat voters have taken to social media platforms to express their dislike for Biden and the direction the party is going in. Though vehemently opposed to Biden's placement as the party's nominee the question that now begs to be asked is what happened to Bernie?

After huge, notable wins in California And New Hampshire, Americans were convinced that Bernie was headed to face Trump in "the live shows". Bernie had and still to some degree has an army of so-called "Bernie bros", giving the illusion that Bernie had the unbeatable advantage. The problem was that no matter how hard you try you cannot compel a millennial to get up, go to the polls and vote.

Young liberal voters have realized their mistake and unfortunately, this epiphany did not come in a timely fashion. Now the cry is,

vote blue no matter who

This slogan though catchy depicts the ethical dilemma the party finds itself in.

Can you really vote a person who's mental state is in complete and obvious disrepair?

Can you vote for someone who claims to be an ally to Minorities but voted for and supports policies that incarcerate them?

If you are a young Democrat voter or more specifically a Bernie supporter and you do believe in Universal healthcare, higher taxes on the top 1%, progressive climate resolutions, then a vote for Biden might as well be a vote for Trump. Especially with the new Biden sexual assault allegations.

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