• Anthony Piseno

Frozen 2: A positive story for young girls?

Frozen 2 just became available on Disney plus in response to the lockdown order from the government, this prompted me to give the sequel a watch especially since so many claimed it was snubbed for the 2020 Oscars. To be honest, I was never a fan of the first film, I walked into the film expecting something fun with a strong storyline like most of Pixar's work, but this was Disney. The first Frozen was a mess with a story that focused heavily on flipping the usual narrative with a woman saving herself as opposed to being saved, but other princesses fought for rather important things. Ariel fought prejudice, Belle fought hate, Mulan fought inequality, but Elsa fought to let it go. Whatever that means.

Frozen 2 adds to the mess with a shoe-horned story that at its core is another focus on Elsa "discovering" something else about herself. The first film threw in a villain way too late in the narrative, and the songs did not resonate with each other. Frozen 2 again suffers from the same issues - a story about natives being wronged, and making things right by attempting to destroy everything. Nothing was better. It was a story meant to teach little girls to be independent and to have no boundaries, but it ended up being a dark fairytale, snidely staring down men who are either bad guys or bumbling idiots.

Disney's classic films have always had women at the lead and fighting some form of oppression or saving the people they love but for some reason, Frozen writers Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck do something entirely different. By shoe-horning a love story, a villain, and a plot, the film generally focuses on music that is tied to independence or seeking freedom in some way with no general Mcguffin to follow. "Let it go" sung by Idina Menzel was their ticket to popularity the first time but this time "into the unknown" was not a plot that could carry the film. Hopefully Pixar can continue to write superior stories that teach good lessons, and they can let the Frozen series rest before it gets any worse.

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