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FDA Approves Emergency COVID-19 Drug

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, announced today that the drug Remdesivir was found to be successful in treating patients infected with coronavirus. The FDA provided emergency authorization for use of the drug, since there has been no other drugs that have been proven to slow the disease.

“It is a very important proof of concept, because what it has proved is that a drug can block this virus...this is very optimistic.”

The trial consisted of 1,063 patients with severe coronavirus symptoms, according to the NIAID. Those that took the drug recovered in 11 days, on average. Those that took a placebo recovered in 15 days, on average. The mortality rate was also improved from 11% to 8% with the drug.

Doctors are not convinced. Many voiced their concerns about the drug, since Dr. Fauci released the statement before releasing any data for doctors to review. The statement did not include any observed side-effects, or any further details about the study. A previous study completed in China found remdesivir to be ineffective at treating the virus. Dr. Bin Cao of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Capital Medical University in Beijing released a statement on the issue,

“Unfortunately, our trial found that while safe and adequately tolerated, remdesivir did not provide significant benefits over placebo”

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