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FBI and FBI's Most Wanted: A HORRIBLE TV Crossover

CBS shows FBI and FBI: Most Wanted have had average success with some like me that can tolerate a political leftist political bend, but there is just so much one can take. It is one thing to slip politics into the comments and scenarios that would influence the naïve and ignorant, but it is quite another thing to vilify entire groups of people and even a government agency.

In the most recent episodes, both TV shows had the actors crossover into each other’s story lines. The villains had kidnapped a bus of children, only to make a political statement.

Of course, the villains were white supremacists that were presented as an organized and disciplined group. I can’t remember of a time they did something like this, since their socialist inception.

By the next episode crossover in FBI: Most Wanted the racist villain was captured but his wife was still on the run. She proceeds to shoot up a room of pregnant minorities because she couldn’t have white babies of her own. Strange story, but it gets worse. Suddenly ICE raids a food bank where the hero’s daughter was volunteering. Shockingly, she was swept up with the illegal aliens in the facility and lost in the system - never to be found even by the ICE agency leader. I had enough.

This plot from a series named after the most corrupt government agency in the last 10 years? Outrageous. Unrealistic. Politically distasteful.

I’m assuming the writers of the shows FBI and FBI: Most Wanted must think their viewers are imbeciles, or they should have serious issues themselves.

I rate both these shows 20 / 100 [Mad at myself. Waste of time]. And the 20 points is only because I enjoy cop shows.

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