• Nechemyah Levi

Failure Masked as Leadership

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York

Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario Cuomo, brother of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and new-found god-of-war leading the democrat party to battle on everything American.

Governor Cuomo has let a state death toll of over 23,000 deaths caused by the novel coronavirus. As anti-Trump rhetoric permeates American politics, a new man - one who has never really been regarded by the establishment as a groundbreaking headline machine - has come out of the wood-works and is now considered the pinnacle of coronavirus response and an example to not only other state leaders but leaders across the world.

Cuomo along with many of his democrat counterparts have railed against the president in regards to his outbreak response. The most common argument is one of missed opportunity to suppress the virus - that Trump responded too late and allowed thousands of unnecessary deaths in the nation.

Cuomo and his buddy, Mayor Bill Deblasio of NYC, have been hailed as fierce leaders and persons who command ultimate respect. This narrative is pushed by the same press that rallied against Trump, despite the fact that he halted the spread of the coronavirus which could have been over 10 times the rate that it is now, and whose administration has now tested three times the amount per capita than the previously esteemed "golden standard" of testing in South Korea. His administration carried out a historic economic relief package that assisted millions of Americans who are trapped at home at no fault of their own, yet somehow Trump, not Cuomo is the failure.

What has Cuomo Done? well, as most of the governor's democrat counterparts have done, he became the epitome of the phrase "give them an inch and they'll go a mile." He locked doors on every new yorker's life, forcibly closing everything deemed non-essential and he pushed against anyone (including the president) who dared to get in his way.

Cuomo did nothing but complain for two months. He called for thousands of ventilators, despite the state not needing that many, and after he received them a full warehouse of ventilators went to waste. Still, he turned his childish rage to brashly label trump as responsible for the potential deaths of 40,000 new yorkers.

Cuomo's mismanagement led New York to the spot it is in now, one of over 343K cases - the most in the world. The issue is not rooted in the response, it is rooted in the fact that despite the response of the Executive branch, the media would rather support a failing democrat leader than admit to Trump's success of slowing the spread of Covid-19. The governor did no better than Trump, but the news still favors him.

Cuomo failed, so what does the media do? Well, they go and drum up rumors of a Cuomo presidential bid, force a false precedent into the minds of moderate democrat sheeple, put up Trump death clocks in times square and report on anything but the positive efforts of the President and his task force.

Cuomo is not a leader and is losing credibility and qualification as a leader by the day. Cuomo is a political puppet - used by the democrat establishment to relay anti-Trump rhetoric - held up by a fictitious reality as seen on every mainstream news outlet today.

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