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Elon Musk: "If Anyone is Arrested, I Ask That it Only be Me"

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Tesla and its CEO have let the boot down on California. With California issuing and enforcing radical new restrictions and phased economic comeback plans which many citizens, as well as Elon musk, have publically condemned and decried as "un-constitutional". As a result the company has been forced to end the assembly of all of their flagship vehicles.

Because of this abrupt production disruption, Tesla has been forced to furlough and lay off many employees at the manufacturer's Fremont location. Because of this Tesla has obviously gone down in sales and Elon is far from silent, day in, and day out Mr. Elon musk has become a surprising but very much welcome voice for the United States bill of rights. Needless to say, Republicans are loving it and are going nuts over the first vocal supporter of freedom from the tech center of the west, The people's republic of California.

Elon went on a tweetstorm that has featured every twitter comment section warrior chirping out the hilariously bombastic hashtag "#boycotttesla." It even provided several special appearances from those who identify as Californian politicians who decided to join the clamor screaming "F**k Elon Musk" from their homes in Beverly Hills and illustrious condos in Los Angeles - Compliments of the chef, Gavin Newsom.

Elon in response doubled down, the famed CEO simply refused to kiss the golden toes of pocket padded Californian politics and announced via twitter that he and all his staff will return to the assembly line to resume production of their eco-friendly vehicles, all this done in a safe and responsible way. Elon also announced that tesla will be suing the county and are in talks to move their factory plant to texas.

Tesla received support from the POTUS Tuesday morning tweeting:

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