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Dinosaur Growth Patterns Discovered - Identical to Crocodile

Scientists have scanned embryos from the Massospondylus carinatus - a large herbivore that used to roam the Americas and South Africa. The process used a new highly-detailed non-destructive scanner at the European Synchrotron in France to retrieve 3D scans of embryos - a unique insight that would explain how the creatures developed in their early life.

After 3 years of data processing, the scans are complete and detailed down to the single cell. The results are amazing.

First, researchers found that the dinosaurs had two sets of teeth - early teeth were a triangular set, like those seen in crocodiles, which must be replaced upon hatching.

Second, the development pattern in the egg is exactly like other reptiles.

Third, though the embryos were found to be 60% developed, it was apparent that the dinosaurs would have walked on two legs after hatching.

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