• Anthony Piseno

Detective Pikachu - Best Video-Game Film Ever Made

Video game inspired films have hardly been good, in fact, most are recognized as terrible. The few that are considered "good" are usually more "watchable" as opposed to "good"; however, just last year a video-game-inspired film was one of the better films released taking risks where most of the other video-game films don't. Detective Pikachu is the best video-game movie to date - it isn't just watchable but it is funny and entertaining. Not to mention it took risks but didn't change the look of any of the beloved characters.

Detective Pikachu follows Tim Goodman played by Justice Smith, a young man who has a complicated relationship with his father and pokemon. When his father goes missing Tim finds himself intertwined in the mystery and teaming up with his Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds. What we get is a fun journey with lots of laughs and fan service for every fan of Pokemon - even the infamous Mewtwo shows up! Detective Pikachu is well written and understands its audience and commits to the fantasy it exists in never batting an eye at a world that could be easily overwhelmed. In short, "Pikachu" has verisimilitude.

During this quarantine, I highly recommend this family-friendly flick that has something for everyone especially those who grew up with the Pokemon franchise and now have kids who can experience the same game. And considering its free for this week on Amazon Prime there is no reason you shouldn't check out this week. While it isn't a perfect film I can easily give Detective Pikachu an 8.5/10.

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