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Copy and Paste Surroundings into Your Computer

Photo: Cyril Diagne, Twitter

The developer Cyril Diagne posted his new creation yesterday. It allows users to scan items against a solid wall with their phone, and import them directly into their computer, into the project they are working on, with the background gone, in a matter of seconds.

There are three components to the app. First, it captures the pbject/picture, then it separates the object from the solid background. While it is completing the separation, it is detecting where your phone is pointing on the computer screen. It takes around 2.5 seconds to copy, and 4 seconds to paste.

The speed that this application works is unbeatable. No more wasting time on photoshop. While the app is a prototype right now, it seems that many are interested in taking the application to the market. Other companies have apparently been working on similar applications as well, so the likelihood of it reaching your phone is quite good in the near future.

The code is even on GitHub if any developers want to improve it, or use it!

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