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Chuck Norris VS Communism

Chuck Norris Vs. Communism is a documentary that tell the story of Romania’s pre-revolution days of the 1980’s. The communist regime controlled all industries including media. Romania was completely isolated from the world like North Korea today - any evidence of western success and prosperity was the greatest fear of the fascist government.

If it wasn’t for the smuggled black-market American movies, Romania would never know what liberty and individualism looked like. With such efforts made to hide a free world, this spoke volumes to socialism’s absence of freedom and lack of argument for a better life. Why hide the United States from Romania if it was so evil or unfair? These films sparked a desire in people to become more like America. It was the seed that sparked the overthrow of the regime.

The film is in Romanian with English subtitles but the interviews and quality reenactments kept my attention. Throughout the viewing I realized many liberties I take for granted. I found myself gritting my teeth in anger on behalf of these poor oppressed people while they would huddle in a house to secretly watch American movies in the middle of the night. Neighbors would turn in neighbors. Police would raid homes and confiscate video players and tapes. Purchasing a VHS player was a year’s wage.

There were some humorous moments. There was only one woman that would translate all films into Romanian, and the filmmakers used her voice to dub this documentary. She was the most recognizable voice in the country.

The American spirit and success was not just envied but fueled a fire in the Romanian people that they too could be free. In 1989, they were victorious.

My rating : 72 Glad it was free but definitely worth my time

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