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China Threatens War with US

Photo Credit: People's Liberation Army Air Force Parade, China's Ministry of National Defense

China. It's been the center of world conflict for the last four years. They have the largest population of any country, and they boast the only military that can rival the United States'. They are allies with the US's enemies, and trading partners the the nation's allies.

Now, China has declared that a cold war is about to begin with the US.

After China proposed legislation that would ban "treason, secession, sedition and subversion" in the state, which used to be one of the freest regions in the nation, the people took to the streets to protest. Chanting "Stand with Hong Kong," “Liberate Hong Kong” and “Revolution of our times," they pleaded for the country to reconsider. Protesters allegedly threw bricks and squirted liquid at officers, injuring four. In response they fired tear gas and water cannons at the protesters, and then arrested over 180 people.

The US Secretary of State issued remarks to the Chinese government, standing with the protesters and the Chinese government did not take the comments lightly. Relationships were already strained. President Trump has already been accusing the country of unfair trade advantages. They've been accused for improper handling of the Coronavirus pandemic epicenter. Trump has exited foreign deals and ceased funding of organizations that advantaged China over the US.

While all of the political conversations were happening, China was moving their naval forces closer to Taiwan, signaling that they are ready to fight for their ownership of the state. The US has moved naval forces to the area to oppose the threat, in solidarity with the free-trading partner. The US was allegedly in the middle of a $180 Million sale of naval warfare supplies to Taiwan when the China Defense Ministry issued a statement that the United States needs to cease sales of arms to Taiwan.

In light of all of the recent quarrels between the US and China, Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, issued a statement. He said Sunday that the U.S. must “give up on its wishful thinking of changing China” to avoid a “new Cold War," according to the Washington Post.

Analysts believe the war actually already began in the last two weeks, when harsh words were traded and US forces started monitoring movement around Taiwan.

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