• Anthony Piseno

CAPONE (2020) Trailer Review

Recently, the trailer for Capone dropped otherwise known as "Fonzo" which was apparently going to be the original title. The trailer starts out with a small snippet of Capone's voice and proceeds to show us a silent and brittle looking Capone who sits on top of an underground empire. Immediately, I could tell this was Tom Hardy portraying Al with a few scars on the face and a hunched over back he doesn't look half bad. Aside from Tom there really isn't an all-star cast here except a rare appearance from a washed-up Matt Dillon. This doesn't mean the film won't be good but with a trailer that seems to indicate Capone's downfall is the gist of the story you would think some better actors would circle Hardy.

Of course, what is most interesting is that the film was directed by Josh Trank. Straight from Hollywood jail, the one-time prodigy is getting quite the opportunity with a film that could be Hardy's oscar-winning role. In case you didn't know, Trank directed Chronicle back in 2012 after the buzz following that film he received an opportunity to help FOX tackle the reboot for a Marvel comic franchise they had failed twice with the Fantastic 4. Unfortunately, after a long battle with producer interference, Trank's Fantastic 4 was an epic failure seeming like two films melded into one. Everyone was asking "what happened?" Trank decided to rant over FOX's elites and blamed the studio for his film going under. This did not go over well.

Here we are, and Trank is directing the fantastic Tom Hardy in a film about one of the most notorious gangsters in history, but I can't say the trailer excites me. What I can say is that what Hardy and Trank do in this film most-likely won't be a huge hit at the box-office, but it will surely be a hit at the Academy Awards - for cinephiles like me.

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