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California is Becoming a Red State Thanks to Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus crisis in California has led to mass protests involving thousands of residents in blue districts. Days ago, it was predicted that a half of Los Angeles' independently-owned businesses will be permanently shutting down by the end of 2020. Millions of residents across the state are unemployed, and another three months of shutdowns were announced. California leadership is committing economic suicide, and it will never be the same.

The biggest issue with the closure of so many small businesses is one that will change California forever. The "little guy" can't afford to stay open with the limited benefits they have received from the government. Since they have been mandated to stay home, they have no way to pay their bills. Once small businesses shut down across the state, they will not be replaced by other small businesses; they will all be taken over by mega-corporations, banks and chains that can afford to snatch cheap property while everyone is suffering. Commercial property prices in the blue state are predicted to reach the lowest prices they will ever be, after all. Business owners started looking for another solution.

Students' degrees are delayed. Many graduation requirements in the health and science fields require a set of hands-on experience. With the current closures, these students cannot finish their degrees and enter the workforce. This will further delay the recovery of the economy in 2021. While many college students are notoriously liberal, they started looking for another solution.

Suicide hotline call-rates have gone up by more than 8,000% due to Coronavirus in California. Carolyn Levitan who works in the Los Angeles call center explained to the OC Register,

“Suicidal thoughts stem from a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, or lack of plans or goals for the future... The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated those feelings in people. If things felt bad before, they can really feel hopeless in today’s environment."

Government assistance has taken months for many to receive in the state, prompting thousands of new California transplants to move back to their home states - back into their relatives' homes. Back where living is more affordable. Thousands of the states' independent artists, salespeople, and entrepreneurs are gone in a mass "California Exodus," and it may be years before they return.

Those that remain want change, so they started looking to the other party to provide it.

The California Republicans have done a good job advertising their party amidst the crisis. Though the left has targeted them as "the party of death" for advocating the steady release of state restrictions, many have seen the party as a newfound personal advocate. They have pushed for the opening of the economy to help small businesses stay afloat. They have fought for people's jobs. While it may seem like the party is being reckless, they understand something that many in the Democratic party do not. People want to live, and there's many ways to die besides Coronavirus.

Many states like Florida have opened their economies (with caution), and in many cases the rate of transmission has not spiked. Small businesses are recovering. New York has seen the highest restriction and it still has the highest rates of transmission. New York's Governor has announced that most new cases are in people that have been isolated for months. For many of them, the cause of transmission is unknown.

In most major cities across the state - Sacramento, Fresno, San Francisco, Huntington Beach, Orange - thousands voiced their opposition to the government orders.

The assistant to President Trump, Peter Navarro, explained the expected rise of the Republican party in the blue state in an interview with Fox News.

Since the country's two bluest states have seen the worst outbreaks, it is fair to expect quite a larger amount of votes turning red this next election. Even socialist billionaire Elon Musk has hinted at his opposition to the left this week, following a twitter fight and lawsuit against the government.

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