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BREAKING: #TimesUpBiden - Biden Caught in The Act

Last year several sexual assault allegations were made against Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden. They were all swept under the rug. Now the women are speaking out again in an plea for the Democratic convention to select a different nominee.

A female employee of the Senate office explained the act to The Union:

He used to put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck...I would just kind of freeze and wait for him to stop doing that.

People have noted several other incidents where Joe inappropriately touched other women:

Lucy Flores (former Nevada assemblywoman)

Stephanie Carter (wife of Secretary Carter)

Maggie Coons (daughter of Sen. Coons of Delaware)

Amy Parnes (TV Reporter)

Hillary Clinton (fmr. Secretary of State) - seen in video, but she blew off the incident.

Amy Lappos (congressional Aide)

D.J. Hill (writer)

Caitlyn Caruso (Student)

Ally Coll (Democratic Staffer)

Sofie Karasek (Oscars Attendee)

Vail Kohnert-Yount (White House Intern)

Alexandra Tara Reade (Senate office employee)

#CreepyJoe with Maggie Coons, Photo: Jacquelyn Martin, AP

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images

Photo: Associated Press, Carolyn Kaster

If the democratic party wants to win the next presidential election, it might be time to find a new nominee.

Read more about the allegations:

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