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Biden and The Big Lie

Joe Biden

In an unfortunately not-too-shocking turn of events Friday morning, former VP and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden stated to radio host Charlamagne,

"If you're having a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump then you ain't Black"

This statement lit a massive fire on social media where both sides of the African American political landscape came out in disbelief and disapproval of the Vice President's comments.

But let's hold the trending twitter hashtags, the comment section vigilantes, the Facebook dunkers and the jestful taunters for a second and comprehensively dive into why Biden would say such a thing. Certainly the former Vice President should know that as the lefts stereotypical "old white guy" he is in no position to lecture African Americans on their levels of blackness, based on their individual voting decisions and political affiliations, right?

Well, Biden has done the world a favor and has pulled the curtains back on an agenda so accurately laid out by author and producer Dinesh Desouza which as he puts it is "the Big lie". Biden's irresponsible comments are the foundation of "the big lie." See, Democrats have never been the party of the black man, the democrats started out with the agenda of destroying the humanity of African-Americans which obviously didn't work as a campaign slogan so they did a mass re-education, telling African American children in their history books that the Republican and Democrat parties switched, removing the fathers from the homes of minority families through the institution of welfare driving black fatherhood down to just 20%. They tell African Americans moms that their offspring will derail their futures and forever ruin their happiness so they should murder them before they even see daylight. They tell African Americans in the hood that they won't ever get anywhere because America was founded on racist principles and all white people are blessedly cursed with white privilege which they keep intact through systemic racism that ripples not only beyond your employment opportunity but into our prisons and into our unparalleled justice system.

The democratic party lost at the Appomattox Court House on April 9th, 1865. They not only lost the south but they lost their plantations and their livelihoods on the, now, free backs of African slaves. So they were left with no other recourse but to create the grandest political lie that spanned from then till the date of this article. "The parties switched."

The democratic party does not care about the black community, Joe Biden let the world know that his party is the racist party - one that calls those who think for themselves "uncle toms" and "c**ns."

The question for the African American community now is, would you rather think for yourself and vote for the candidate most aligned with your values and future, or let aged politicians like Joe Biden, who have long track records of minority oppression, decide who you cast your vote for?

The plantation, under new management...kinda.

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