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Apple Creates Fold-able Phone

New patents were filed yesterday by Apple for a new foldable and rollable phone. Last year, many apple enthusaists expressed their desire for a larger screen that could fit in their pocket. It seemed impossible to create a device that was flexible enough to fold flat without cracking a screen, but it seems Apple may have solved the issue.

Apple, Patently Apple

While the hinge itself is not described, it's general design is shown above. The flexible material can be seen in the image below.

Apple, Patently Apple

A design for a rollable phone was also released from Patently Apple. It features two rolls that house the touchscreen. It opens like a scroll and locks in place. This design is more plausible given that Apple has already proved the notion of flexible screens and it doesn't require a screen to fold on itself like the hinged model.

Apple, Patently Apple

The patents may be Apple's way of keeping the intellectual property to themselves, even if they haven't actually been able to get them to work yet. Time will tell how these designs are implemented, but they are really unique and could revolutionize the mobile phone industry.

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