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Apple Brand Sneakers Sell for $9,687 at Heritage Auction 

How much would you pay for a pair unreleased sneakers from your favorite (non-shoe) company?

$100, $350, $700?

This spring an undisclosed Apple super fan had the chance to do just that. For a cool $9,687.50 the above pair was his.

Never released and only distributed to a small group of internal operators within the company, the Apple sneaker is the definition of rare.

Wearing the classic multi-color Apple logo like a badge of honor, this rare pair was boosted into the stratosphere of ultra-collectable sneakers.

What would you pay for this pair? Tell me in the comment section below.

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G-Money side comment: Not taking into account resale or collectabilty, I would probably pay $120-150 to own and wear. It has a cool timeless look, reminiscent of 90's Adidas.

Taking into account resale and collectability? I'd probably buy it for a cool 8.5k to sell it to this super fan for a thousand buck profit. 😉👟

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