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Apple and Google Create App to Track Coronavirus Patients

Apple and Google have partnered to create an app that would track coronavirus patients in an attempt to help limit transmission of the virus.

This voluntary app would not use GPS - since many have voiced their concern over an app that tracked citizens - but it would use bluetooth technology to create a database of phones that came within very close range over the 14 day period before the user was diagnosed with the virus.

The tech companies announced that the user would remain anonymous, and every phone that came within range would receive a simple alert that someone they were in contact with has contracted the virus.

No phone numbers are stored, no location data is stored - the only thing that could possibly be hacked is a code that would send a positive test result to others.

The team is still developing the app, and it is working out a few issues like the fact that bluetooth connects through walls - it could notify people that were next door, not actually in contact.

It is expected to release by the end of May.

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