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America didn't "Feel The Bern"

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders (Credit: Anthony Zurcher)

After almost two months of disappointing primaries and caucuses, Sen. Bernie Sanders has suspended his bid for the office of the President of the United States. While he has not decided to endorse Joe Biden yet, he has ended his race for the white house.

The senator led a fairly successful campaign for over a year, starting in February 2019 Sanders was the favorite among young democrat voters, sporting a large array of progressive "socialist" views. Many thought that he would not only beat any competition but go on and defeat the most politically polarizing figure of the 21st century - President Donald Trump.

Millennials have a bad voting record - only a third of them plan to vote, and often even less turn up at the polls. This is the reason for the failure of Bernie's unstoppable campaign.

After what is largely considered as his last Presidential run Bernie tweeted:

Democrat voters have chosen and they've chosen the inevitable - they've sent Biden to the live shows against Trump. By not showing up to vote young progressive voters have to a large degree orchestrated their worst nightmare in an almost impeccable fashion, with an ABC poll claiming that 15% of Bernie supporters would vote for Trump if specifically given the choice between Trump and Biden, up 4 percent from the 2016 elections when Bernie supporters broke with Hillary Clinton at the polls. This very damaging fact could swing the election towards Trump in a big way. With California coming out for Bernie in March but showing massive turnout for Trump recently, doubts have arisen among some democrats about the certainty of a "blue California" come November 2020.

For staunch Republicans, they view this decision as the beginning of the most entertaining 9 months of their entire political lives. For others, it shows the grim reality that a majority of American voters don't know or pay attention to the name next to the (D) at the ballot box. The negative record of Joe Biden, including his past accusations of sexual assault, many democrats have been calling for the DNC to support a new candidate.

Bernie's unwavering track record, his blistering and persuasive rants on live television, his politically trendsetting behavior was ultimately worn down by his own strength, the "Bernie bros."

Will socialism ever resonate with the average American voter? Will those who actually care ever make their way to the polls so that their voices are heard?

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