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5G Tech Set to Spike Value of These Stocks

The economy has been recovering. There has been a week of record-breaking acceleration in stock prices. If one was looking for new investments to make a quick dollar on, it's a bit more difficult now. Those that heeded our previous advice saw a 60% return in the last two weeks. Lucky, maybe - but the market was begging for investors, and it produced a lot for those that fed it.

5G technology has been publicly developed for the last four years. Once it hits the market, internet speeds will be 10x faster than current 4g speeds. Since the science behind 5G tech is so different from any other cell technology ever used before, this is understandable. It requires a whole new set of cell towers, and it requires a whole lot more of them. Now, the development is done and towers are being erected around cities everywhere.

With 5G ready to go in so many large cities around the world, it is only a matter of months before it is all powered on. Once it is on, people will clamor for the latest products that can handle the faster speeds. Two companies will see the most of this - Apple; and as a result, the company that produces most of the semiconductors to receive 5G - Qualcomm.

Both apple and Qualcomm stocks have been a relatively stable buy, but don't expect the value to grow until 5G is launched. In six months, you could make a great return.

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